Diamond Select reveals first wave of Ghostbusters 2 action figures

Get ready for another series of Ghostbusters figures from Diamond Select later this year, now adding the cast of Ghostbusters 2 into the line.

The Nerdist had the scoop on who is making it into the first wave, which includes Vigo the Carpathian, Ray Stantz, and Louis Tully in his jumpsuit.

The figures will be available in two versions once more, with a more expensive wave available for order through online retailers that will include a facade of the front of the fire house, and a cheaper version in major toy stores without it.

The biggest downside to me of this reveal is the lack of a slime blower with the Ray figure. Only Ray and Winston use them in the movie, and if we are already seeing a Ray here, does this mean we will not get a slime blower figure at all, or will they use this as an excuse to make a second identical figure but wearing the slime blower instead of the proton pack and perhaps making it ‘slimed’ to make it slightly different?

Either way, I am not a fan of that decision and do not need to get a repainted jumpsuit of the same figure I already own twice from the first series. We will see what develops, but most likely do not expect to see reviews of these figures unless I see some slime blowers and a valid excuse for this shameless repaint.

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