Doublefine Studios raises over $3 million for new adventure game

A little over a month ago, Tim Schafer announced that he and the crew over at Double Fine would be making a new adventure game.  The twist?  It would be funded by fans making contributions for the project via the funding site

Tim Schafer’s target goal for funding was $400,ooo dollars.  As of March 13th, the end date for the fund drive, over $3 million dollars was donated and over 85,000 people contributed.  Tim Schafer also announced that every single dollar donated to the project would be spent on this new adventure game to make everything about it better.  Those that donated money will also be sent a survey about what they would like to see in the game that they helped finance.

There’s no news yet as to what this adventure game may be.  Knowing Tim Schafer and his group, it will be something creative, entertaining, and very probably weird.  All expectant fans can do for the time being is wait.

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