DVD Review- Outpost: Black Sun

Outpost: Black Sun is a European horror movie recently released on DVD/Blu-Ray Combo Pack in the US. The movie is about a young woman Nazi hunter named Lena who, in pursuit of the last of a group of aging war criminals, is reunited with a theoretical physicist friend Wallace in Eastern Europe. Together they discover a group of former SS members who’ve turned themselves into immortal monsters using the power of electromagnets.

No part of the above paragraph is made up nor embellished for comedic purposes.

The plot of Outpost: Black Sun makes exactly no sense, as the above synopsis would indicate. The film is actually a sequel to the 2008 horror Outpost, which also makes no sense. I had actually seen Outpost previously, but the plot of both movies in the franchise are so disjoint and random that I did not mentally connect that they were part of the same story, in spite of the fact that they share very memorable Nazi-monsters. The indecipherable plot of the original turns out not to be a problem because Outpost: Black Sun assumes early on that no one watching could possible piece these movies together.

Within the first 15 minutes of the film, Lena is reintroduced to Wallace and the physicist explains the entire back story of the first movie using information he could not possibly know and footage he could not possibly have access to. Wallace makes no effort to explain how a Nazi hunter and a theoretical physicist became friends or accidentally ran into each other so often during the course of their world travels, but at least he brings the audience up to speed on all the crazy baggage from the last movie.

After the recap, however, the Outpost universe turns around and again drives off the insanity cliff with no hope of returning. As is expected in this kind of film, the plucky scientist/hunter of war criminals duo run into a rag-tag group of soldiers tasked with shutting down and securing the Nazi magnet machine that makes the SS soldiers immortal.

From there, Outpost: Black Sun manages to simultaneously be cliché and off the wall. The basic series of events is a “die one at a time” horror movie, but all the details are completely inexplicable. Somehow Lena, wandering lost and alone through an abandoned playground, beats the group of trained soldiers with maps and a head start to their destination. An old guy whose existence is barely explained has mutant electricity powers for no reason. The Nazis have a witch.

Outpost:Black Sun’s sheer randomness makes it beautiful for the B-movie lover. The film is essentially The Debt, if The Debt was a horror movie with a serious methamphetamine problem.

The production value is very high, overall, and the Nazi-monsters are the product of some great costume design. There are even some very deliberate uses of lighting that seem to pay homage to The Keep, another supernatural World War 2 thriller. But, don’t try to take the movie seriously, as the plot makes that impossible.

The Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack is worth the purchase for the B-movie fan who would enjoy Outpost:Black Sun, but not anyone who is on the fence or just loves DVD bonuses. The extra features are nothing but the trailer and a very bare-bones “making of” featurette. There is no ostensible difference between the DVD and the Blu-Ray, save that the Blu-Ray disc looks better on an HD TV. The only reason to buy the movie is to watch the movie.

Some people might want to hold out for Outpost: Black Sun to be available for streaming on Netflix or a similar service. However, avid B-horror collectors will consider Outpost: Black Sun a hilarious gem to own.

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