EA Sports announces Football Club Match Day for FIFA Soccer 13

Electronic Arts Inc today announced that EA SPORTS developed a new feature for FIFA Soccer 13, named Football Club Match Day, boasting to drive the deepest and most meaningful connection between a video game and the real world of sports ever. With FIFA Soccer 13 and the real world soccer season integrated with one another through Football Club Match Day, real world happenings such as injuries, suspensions, team form and media gossip will be reflected through game play and in-game commentary.

Through Football Club Match Day, EA SPORTS intends to give a new experience to fans following their favorite clubs and teams in soccer. Real world fixtures and upcoming matches in soccer will enable the players to compete right alongside their favorite teams and athletes as the season unfolds. Player form, displayed in detail within the team management screens, change frequently so players in form (or players struggling to keep in form) will see their stats change based on their real world performances throughout the season based on real-world performance. On top of that, Games of the Week will be highlighted in the top global match-ups for fans to enjoy.

EA SPORTS Football Club Match Day will be available for PlayStation, Xbox 360, and PC, and will be included in a FIFA Soccer 13 demo for all three platforms that will launch around the world on September 11.

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