Evangelion Chopsticks: Do Want!

The Japanese people must really hate me. Why else would they tease me with these chopsticks based on “Neon Genesis Evangelion” that they know I can not have.

Over on Japan Trend Shop, you can pick up a set of very clever chopsticks based on EVA. Designed to appear like the entry plugs for the various EVA units, each chopstick includes the appropriate pilot at the top of them. I am not talking about a picture of the pilots, by the way, I mean an extremely tiny and highly detailed figurine that is embedded into a clear part of the chopstick.

There are four versions available; Asuka Shikinami (red), Mari Makinami (green), Rei Ayanami (orange), and everyone’s favorite emo giant robot pilot, Shinji Ikari (blue). Here is the part that sucks the most about these great chopsticks – they cost $37 each, with an additional $20 for express shipping. If you wanted to buy one of each, you are looking at spending around $130-150 depending on how you ship them. Sorry, Gainax, I am not that hardcore, but if JTS wants to hook a nerd up, let’s make it happen!

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