FigBiz Debuts “Heavy Metal” Action Figures

It’s been decades, but we are finally getting the “Heavy Metal” action figures we deserve. Based on the cult classic animated anthology film, FigBiz (AKA Incendium) is producing a pair of five-inch action figures of two iconic characters.

Check out the images below:

Nelson is described as “a relentless creature risen from the wreckage of a doomed B-17 bomber. This undead tailgunner packs a 50 calibre punch!” He comes with a tail gun and ammunition box.

“Taarna the Taarakian returns! Her immortal spirit passed down to champions throughout space and time, each incarnation of Taarna becomes a fearless avatar of vengeance.”

Taarna will include her sword and sheath.

What we are looking at in the images are not sculpted protos as far as I can tell. Instead, these look like 3D renders. Sadly, they do not reveal how many points of articulation there are, so we may have to wait awhile for those answers.

FigBiz are the same folks responsible for the spectacular looking Bill & Ted action figures we discussed a few weeks back. It looks like they are going deep on the toy lines they can make based around metal and hard rock, something they already know a great deal about.

The figures are available directly from FigBiz or from Big Bad Toy Store for $30 a piece (plus shipping and handling). They will be released later this summer.

I am curious to see what else FigBiz has planned for 2019, as they keep surprising us with some very cool figures. The company has been around for some time but action figures are a new venture for them, and I look forward to reviewing these once they are available.

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