First Image and Title For “Star Trek Picard” Show Revealed

Picard is headed back to space, but not necessarily in an Enterprise, as CBS gave us some new details about their new Star Trek Picard show as well as a first (albeit brief) look at it.

During the CBS Upfront yesterday, plenty of other interesting shows were talked about… but we don’t care about those. For us, the biggest news was a practically two-second long tease in video form of Patrick Stewart reprising his iconic role as Jean-Luc Picard. The show just began filming less than a month ago, so it’s very exciting to see something so quick, even if it was a very tiny something.

CBS also revealed the name of the show will indeed be “Star Trek: Picard”, despite telling us awhile ago it will not be called that.

Above is the first leaked image of Picard, and you can see he is not necessarily wearing a standard starfleet uniform. The jacket looks similar to what we saw him wear around season 5 of TNG, but I get the feeling he is a retired civilian at this point and not acting as a member of Starfleet.

We hope more details will be revealed soon, as things are heating up fast!

The Picard show is expected to be released later this fall on the CBS All Access streaming platform.

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