Four “Die Hard” movies, one epic song

Remember when we first met John McClane?
Argyle picked him up from the plane,
And took him down to Nakatomi Tower…
To meet with Holly.

He came to get her back and to be her man,
But Hans and his buddies fucked up the plan,
And that’s about when everything went sour
At the Christmas party.

The boys from Guyz Nite made this song in honor of the “Die Hard” series of action movies starring Bruce Willis, which sums up the quadrilogy in just under five minutes. Think of all the time you have just saved by watching this song and not the full movies!

Granted, this video is from 2007 but I don’t care – it’s new to me and it migh be new to you. After all, only 2.8 million people have seen it. If you put that in perspective, that’s nearly one third of New York City, and compared to the rest of the world with internet… the numbers seem to be in my favor that a few million people still haven’t seen it. So yippee kay-ay, mother-f***ers!

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