Frank Miller admits he knows nothing about Islam, despite creating “Holy Terror”

Frank Miller is a polarizing character in the world of comics. With the release of his latest graphic novel, “Holy Terror”, Miller has raised more eyebrows than before with this controversial piece.

Originally slated to be a Batman book (titled “Holy Terror, Batman”), DC Comics quickly dropped the book when its scandalous nature was revealed. Miller did not have to look far to get a new publisher, and the book has come out with much intrigue surrounding it, with many critics unhappy about Miller’s perspective on Muslims and the religion of Islam. In an interview with Newsarama, Miller had this to say about the creation of his book and a bit more on his political views:

“I’m not hearing from a lot of people that are telling me they are not afraid of trouble from abroad and homegrown trouble. The issue here is a message of killing. It’s not a religion. I, for instance, was born Catholic, and I can tell you very little about the mysteries of Catholicism but I can tell you a fair amount about the Spanish Inquisition. By the same token, I can tell you squat about Islam, I don’t know anything about it, but I know a Goddamn lot about Al Qaeda and I want them all to burn to hell.”

Many critics have noted that while Miller maintains his position that this book is not necessarily against Islam but against terrorism, the two topics seemed to meld together in his work with no difference between the two. At the end of the day, “Holy Terror” is a very personal and cathartic work by Miller that may not have been ready for the politically-correct public eye.

Miller also said that it was his choice to pull away the cowl of Batman for this book, since it became more about the conflict against Al Qaeda and became “unrestrained”, something the Bat is not suited for. Due to that, he rewrote the entire script, however certain pages of the actual comic seem lazily cropped to pull elements of the Batman costume out of certain scenes.

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