Funko releasing Pop! Vinyl Ghostbusters in 2014

Who ya’ gonna’ call? Today, it’s Funko, who has announced plans to release the original four Ghostbusters as Pop! style vinyl figures later this year.




The series will feature Egon Spengler, Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Slimer (with a translucent dripping ectoplasm base) and a 6″ Stay Puft Marshmallow Man that looks like he is ready to snuggle. This line is scheduled to be released around May 2014.

The initial press release left out a certain fourth ghostbuster however, namely Winston Zeddemore. After this caused a furor on some Ghostbusters news websites, a Funk rep came out and revealed that there would be a Winston figure, and it will come with a Pop! style Ecto-1 vehicle.



No word on if we will get normal Funko bobblehead figures with caricatures of the actors faces, but I genuinely hope they do since I am not a big fan of the Pop figures, although I am tempted to get these since they look awesome.

The company also teased some Comic Con exclusive items this year, but no news on what they might be (most likely Ghostbusters 2 color variants, although I would be very grateful if it was a Louis Tully figure). What would you want to see as a Comic Con exclusive?

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