G.I. Joe Collector’s Club reveals first-half of exclusive figures for 2012

Hasbro has unveiled the first five figures in their G.I. Joe Collector’s Club, which is basically like Matty Collector’s various lines of adult collectibles, except that Hasbro is actually giving us all the details up front rather than forcing us to wait. Enough bitterness, let’s talk some toys!

The first five figures consist of Joe’s Topside, Grunt, and Quarrel, and Cobra’s Dice and Nano-B.A.T. Each 3 3/4 inch figure comes with a venerable buttload of accessories, as is customary with GI Joe’s. Rumored to follow this is Iron Klaw (from the short-lived “GI Joe Extreme” cartoon), Jinx, Barrel Roll, Big Boa, Cover Girl, Sure Fire, and one as of yet unidentified character. The only way to get your hands on any of these figures is to join the GI Joe Club, which includes a subscription to a collector’s magazine, as well as access to the mysterious 13th figure. Prices vary for different options, so check it out now if you are interested.

UPDATE: Jinx and Iron Klaw have both been officially announced on GI Joe Club’s official site, and I am now more tempted than ever to join this subscription to get my hands on them!

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