“Gamer Grub” Food Review

Marathon gaming sessions are a true test of mettle to hardcore gamers. It takes long hours and dedication to plow through story-mode so you can unlock all the goodies for multiplayer mode, resulting in hours of non-stop action. In between shooting and tea-bagging your friend’s characters, you will need to stay hydrated and fed. Today, we are taking a look at the latest solution to keeping your stomach from going empty, as we taste some “Gamer Grub”, courtesy of the fine folks at Thinkgeek.

Gamer Grub is the latest technological advancement in nerd culinary arts, promising to not only deliver a great taste, but also includes “neurotransmitters” to improve your gaming experience, as well as a greaseless sensation on your fingers while munching. The expectations were set high from the start, but did this snack deliver, or are you better off sticking with mountain dew and doritos? Let’s take a look!

Each resealable bag is filled with 3.5 ounces of whatever flavor you have. We are testing both “Pizza” and “PB & J”. Pizza flavored contains cheese curls, tomato almonds, sesame sticks, pita chips, fried onions, and pizza cashews, while PB & J has peanut butter chips, peanuts, strawberries, strawberry jelly chips, and sweet bread.

In terms of health, the pizza flavor is obviously the fattier of the two, clocking in at 160 calories per serving (which is 1/3 cup, equal to three servings as the total of the pouch), with 9 grams of fat. Amazingly, only one of those grams is saturated fat (that’s the bad kind). PB & J is 140 calories per serving, with this bag’s serving size being 1/4 cup for some reason. Neither flavor has any cholesterol or trans fat (which is the really unhealthy fat).

In terms of vitamins, they both have their share, while the pizza flavor actually has a slight edge in that department. What about those alleged neurotransmitters the front of the package boasts? “Proprietary cognitive blend”, choline and L-Glutamine acid are your main players here, so just what exactly are these mysterious elements? In the “blend”, you have magnesium phosphate dibasic, choline bitartrate, ascorbic acid, vitamin E acetate, L-glutamic acid, beta carotene, and niacinamide (you can learn about all of their benefits on the official Gamer Grub site). Choline is a type of nutrient that improve mental functions such as cognition, memory, intelligence, motivation, attention, and concentration. The L-glutamic acid is a neurotransmitter that also helps your focus and learning, so combined, these actually should make you a better player (at least while you are eating them) as opposed to scarfing down greasy chips or cookies.

But here is the most important part of this review – what does these taste like? Quite honestly, they are both pretty darn tasty! The pizza one has a hint of tomato flavor in every bite, along with those cheese curls to mimic your average pizza flavored snack. However, the pita chips add a nice crunch to it, along with those nuts that balance it out and make it a much healthier alternative to a real pizza, minus the oily fingers and lethargic feeling that comes with it after you are done with your slice.

Unlike it’s savory counterpart, the PB & J flavor is much sweeter, hitting you with a strong jelly smell as soon as you rip the top off the pouch. This is definitely a dessert kind of snack, with the tasty little “sweet bread” pieces dominating it. The candied strawberry and chewy strawberry jellies are quite good when sandwiched with those sweet breads to balance them out, along with the peanut butter chips. The problem here was that this bag was dominated by sweet bread pieces. There were more strawberries in the bag, but they sank to the bottom due to their weight, so give the bags a good mix before opening them, otherwise you will end up with the picture above.

What about the greasy finger issue that the front of the bag claimed would not be a problem? The PB & J flavor is completely greaseless, and barely even needs a napkin after you are done picking through them. The pizza flavor is the problematic one here. While, yes, it is not greasy, your fingers will be coated with the pizza seasoning, so you will still need a napkin handy to wipe your fingers off. However, it still is not greasy, so your controller will remain un-lubricated other than that of your own sweat. Instructions on the top of each pouch suggest you simply use the bag itself as the way to feed yourself, and doing that will definitely keep your hands clean, but it will also make you look like a complete and utter slob (if you care about that).

If you are looking for a new snack that is not so terrible for your body, Gamer Grub could quickly become your new favorite. Each bag costs $2.99 from Thinkgeek, with a three-pack of each flavor costing $7.99. While thinkgeek currently does not carry it, there is also a BBQ and s’mores flavor, which I am now dying to try. I would say buy in bulk and give both flavors a try – you will be hooked after your first taste!

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