“Ghost in the Shell” assault rifle to become toy airgun

Japanese airsoft accessory and custom parts maker, LayLax, has announced their first replica gun that they will produce. The company is collaborating with “Ghost in the Shell” creator Masamune Shirow to recreate the assault rifle that appears in the current OAV series, “Ghost in the Shell Arise”.


With a frame made from with custom parts of steel, aluminum and other heavy metals, and molded with techniques using strengthened polymer resin, LayLax will release two versions of this airgun – one a model gun, and the other an electric gun.

The gun will also come with a Removable eyepiece, removable flash suppressor, and is mounted on a standard 20-mm Picatinny rail. The gun will shoot 6-mm BBs out of joint M-16 magazines.

The model gun will cost 99,800 yen ($984 USD), and the electric gun will cost around 158,000 yen (or a whopping $1,558 USD), tax not included. Chances are this item will never make it to North America, so good luck trying to get this (for a reasonable price) across the world.

The third episode in the Ghost in the Shell Arise project, “border:3 Ghost Tears,” is slated to open in theaters on June 28, 2014.


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