As I mentioned recently, I have been hard at work for the past two years on a feature-length documentary. While there is no distribution just yet, that is not stopping us from moving ahead with promoting it, as well as seeking to gain a little more funding to help tie up loose ends and get us an advantage as we head towards the finish line.

Here is our official press release (written by me) with all the details about the film, as well as how you can support the film!

New York, May 27, 2015
— Produced and directed by Matthew Kaplowitz, editor of TheFightNerd.com & NerdNewsToday.com, and producer of MMA shows for Spike TV, “Girl Fight: A Muay Thai Story” is a new documentary that follows two women from an all-female kickboxing gym on the Jersey Shore as they prepare for several Muay Thai fights while struggling with obstacles inside the ring and out. For the women of the “Girl Fight” gym, winning means more than just having your arm raised after a match.

The documentary is about self-esteem, being true to yourself, and overcoming hardships in life to become who you want to be – a universal message for all genders.

“Girl Fight: A Muay Thai Story” is a feature-length documentary about the “Girl Fight” gym, an all-female Muay Thai academy located on the Jersey Shore. Head coach, Prairie Rugilo, opened her kickboxing gym in 2009, and since then has been inspiring and empowering women through the martial arts to help them learn what fighting is truly about.
Along with her training partner and confidante Jaime, Prairie coaches a team of ladies who would have never thought about stepping into the ring unless they were at this gym. One of those students, DeAna, plans on making her amateur debut, while Prairie prepares for a second chance at a championship belt she lost in a controversial fight.
Prairie and DeAna must overcome their personal struggles to become the champions they want to be, embarking on a journey that takes them down unexpected roads they did not expect to go over the course of 18 months. In the backdrop of the Jersey Shore as it continues to try to rebuild after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, these two fighters battle in and out of the ring against their greatest opponent — themselves.


“Girl Fight: A Muay Thai Story creates a very natural connection between the life of the average person on the street and the person willing to put themselves through a fight camp and step in the ring… This film is a look at what drives the average person into the gym, and from the gym into the ring. It’s not why the future stars fight, but why the rest of us do it.” — BloodyElbow.com

“Sometimes the best part of a fight is the story behind it, and The Fight Nerd tells a good story.” — Jim Genia, The MMA Journalist


Last week, the filmmakers launched an Indie Go Go campaign to raise the remaining funds required to take the film to the next level. With the majority of post-production finished, their goal is to enter more film fests, attend events, and create promotional items to increase awareness of the film, generate a buzz, and gain distribution.

You can check out the trailers for the documentary, along with information on the campaign at this link – http://igg.me/at/thegirlfightstory

The director and executive producer, Matthew Kaplowitz, is a lifelong practitioner and fan of martial arts & MMA. In 2009, Matthew started TheFightNerd.com, a news website dedicated to the sport with a focus on video production, which has become a reliable source for information & entertainment.

Since 2012, Matthew has worked on over a dozen shows for Spike TV, including the weekly live sports talk show, “MMA Uncensored Live,” documentaries in the “Unrivaled” series, pay-per-view specials, and the “Rampage 4 Real” reality series.

A press kit is available for download on the official website, TheGirlFightStory.com. You can follow the film on Twitter and Facebook for additional updates, as well as the director on his personal twitter account.

All images and text in this press release, as well as press kit, may be used for any articles online.

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