“Grossery Gang: Putrid Power” Grub Sub Review

Let’s get some more Putrid Power on this website and look at some more stuff from the Grossery Gang!

Last time, we saw some of the mystery minis from Moose Toys of Grossery Gang’s newest line, Putrid Power, where the Grossery Gang battles the evil Clean Team (because Clean is bad, kids!). In addition to the tiny figures, Moose Toys has also released some fully articulated action figures to join the fray. Today, we look at one of those – the heroic (and possibly foul smelling) Grub Sub!

We liked this figure a lot, even not being familiar with the Grossery Gang brand, and if you watch the video I think you will see why. Folks, this is the second coming of the Food Fighters figures, and you don’t want to miss out on it this time like you did when you were a kid!

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