“Guardians of The Galaxy 3” Will Happen, Says Sean Gunn

One of my personal favorites from the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the Guardians of The Galaxy series. After James Gunn’s removal from the film (and subsequent pick-up by DC Comics to make Suicide Squad 2), GoTG 3 seemed in jeopardy of never happening. Now, we know that it will!

Sean Gunn, brother of James and actor in the last two GotG movies, spoke with Variety at the red carpet premiere of Captain Marvel, and confirmed the third movie was on the way.

“I don’t know exactly how that’s all gonna work,” he told Variety‘s Marc Malkin when asked whether the film could work without his brother at the helm, “but I feel like we are going to make the third movie, I’m excited to make it, I think it’s a disservice to the fans if we didn’t make it and I know the people who worked on the ‘Guardians’ movies are really a family, and we’re gonna come together and make the best movie we can regardless of who’s in charge.”

“I just have this feeling everything’s gonna work itself out,” he added.

Gunn played Kraglin in the last two films, and said he believes that character will also return.

“I have a very strong feeling that Kraglin’s story is not complete. So I think we are going to hear more from Kraglin.”

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