Guinan Wants A Comeback – Whoopi Goldberg Wishes To Be in New Star Trek Picard Show

Captain Picard could always use some advice from his good friend, Guinan, and Whoopi Goldberg is all on board for that idea.

On David Tennant’s podcast, the former 10th Doctor suggested to his guest Whoopi Goldberg that now that Patrick Stewart is back in the Trek universe with his own new show coming soon, perhaps she too could be a part of that world once more.

Here is the transcription from that segment:

Tennant: You could presumably go back to Star Trek. Patrick Stewart is back at it.

Goldberg: I know, but, you know, they have not asked me.

Tennant: You need to ask them again. They would probably think you are kidding.

Goldberg: Well, I don’t know. Maybe. I will. I’ll put it out there.

Tennant: Well, this could be it. We are putting it out there.

Goldberg: All right. We are putting it out there right now.

Goldberg played Guinan on “Star Trek: The Next Generation” the bartender in ten-forward, who was also an El-Aurian, a mysterious race of empathic humanoids who aged at a much slower pace than the average species. She gave plenty of good advice to the TNG characters, including trying to help Wesley learn how to ask a girl out with the help of Commander Riker.

Earlier this week, we wrote about Goldberg’s appearance on Tennant’s podcast in relation to how she pitched the BBC to let her be the first female Doctor Who lead, years before Jodie Whittaker took that role.

You can listen to the entire episode of the podcast below:

The untitled Jean-Luc Picard-centric Star Trek series is currently in pre-production, and will begin filming this April.

What other characters would you like to see return in the upcoming Picard show? Personally, I want to see what happened to the DS9 crew!

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