Help “The Muppets” Host The Oscars!

Are you sick of awful hosts at the Academy Awards, or worse, Billy Crystal? Do you demand change? Join the movement, and help the only group worth of hosting the most prestigious award show in the film industry take over for one night – The Muppets!

In this unique ad campaign leading into the release of their new film, The Muppets have created a new twitter to help them push towards hosting the 2012 edition of The Academy Awards. Can you imagine the possibilities if this became a reality? Danny Devito will finally find a woman his size in Miss Piggy, and can finally trade up from the far more porcine Rhea Perlman.

The Muppets are no strangers to hosting duties, having hosted the Halloween edition of WWE Monday Night Raw, which you can watch above. Check out more videos of The Muppets hosting Raw after the jump!

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