Hot Toys teases new vehicle for 1:6 scale figures

Hot Toys, makers of amazingly realistic 1:6 scale action figures, sent out a photo this week of their next great undertaking, and what a project it will be. Coming straight from the new Christopher Nolan blockbuster, “Dark Knight Rises”, Hot Toys unveiled the initial working shots of the new Batwing plane to be seen in the upcoming film.

Hot Toys has said this will be their largest project ever, dwarfing even their 1:6 scale Tumbler from the last Batman movie and their soon-to-be-released Batmobile from the 1989 Tim Burton version of “Batman”. As to just how big this vehicle will end up being, keep in mind that what you see in this photo is purely the cockpit section, which is nowhere near representative of the epic wingspan this beast will surely have.

What will the price point be for this massive toy? Your guess is as good as mine, but considering the cost of their previous enormous vehicles, this is definitely going to be mighty close to $1,000 USD, if not being that much. The big question collectors have to ask themselves now is how are they going to display such a lofty collectible, and how many arms and legs of themselves will have to sell just to be able to afford it?

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