International “Ghostbusters” trailer reveals more plot, characters & ghosts

It was only days ago that the first trailer for Paul Feig’s “Ghostbusters” reboot hit the internet, but thanks to an accidental leak the international trailer was unveiled earlier today – potentially ahead of when it was meant to actually be released.

The new trailer includes plenty of new shots along with more plot points, including our first formal introduction of the character who Chris Hemsworth is playing, Kevin, and a potential love story with his character (folks, we have a new Egon and Janine to ship). We also get to see the origins of the no-ghost logo, a new big baddie and busting scene, and much more. I actually like this trailer a bit more than the first one, although I personally wish the two were mashed together to make a much stronger overall trailer.

The downside to this is once again the comedy. For many people, it will be fine but I am personally not a fan of the overly-fake awkwardness that most of these jokes seem to center around, and if they are not trying to be awkward then it’s lowbrow jokes. It’s just a trailer so who knows how the actual movie is and I still remain optimistic. Until then, I am counting down the days until the film is released this July.

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