“Joystick-It Mobile” Smartphone Arcade Stick Review

With mankind just years away from when Cyberdyne’s machines will become self-aware and oppress humanity, we still have some time to enjoy neat little gadgets to entertain ourselves with. Smartphones, which will undoubtedly be the generals in the war against the machines, are quickly replacing many handheld devices with it’s ability to multi-task. Plus, you can play some pretty decent games on them!

Many of these smartphones have touch screens, making gaming a very unique experience. However, some games were not meant to be played with your greasy fingers on a screen, and require another means of control. ThinkGeek has solved that issue by creating their “Joystick-It” Smartphone Arcade Stick, which attaches to your touch-screen smartphone to change your gaming experience.

Let’s take a look at this item and see if it’s any good, or an excessive addition to an already excessive smartphone!

The “Joystick-It” Smartphone Arcade Stick comes in this wee box that measures three inches tall by two inches wide. The contents themselves are much tinier than this, but are kept in this much larger container to ensure it stays in one piece, and to make it more attractive to buyers in stores. The graphic wraps around the box, making for an interesting display in brick-and-mortar stores.

The joystick itself is quite tiny, but don’t let it’s size fool you! There are no wires or batteries required for this nifty little joystick made with solid milled-aluminum. A laser etched cross-hair on top of stick adds thumb traction to this smooth surface, and also makes it look more serious for the hardcore gamers. It’s a fun and functional addition to this device!

The underside of it includes a suction cup, which is removable from the smartphone. No ring or stain is left after you remove it, even without a screen protector, and the item can be replaced and removed at will.

Although it is easily removed, it won’t pop off your device while playing a game unless you are unnecessarily rough with it. There is some learning curve in figuring out just how hard you need to push it to make it work, but the joystick is surprisingly sensitive and does not require too much movement to make it work. Even if the joystick becomes loose, you can still control it fine until you have a pause in the game to firmly reattach it.

There are plenty of retro titles that you can download, as well as many modern ones. My main test game was Pac-Man and Mrs. Pac-Man, which require some quick reflexes. The joystick, which I stuck on top of the control pad, kept up easily with the movements, and was much more natural and fluid than playing on the touch screen. You can google a full list of them, but since so many more are released each day, you won’t need to look far. Overall, this cute little joystick packs a lot of value and makes playing games a whole new joy for smartphone users.

You can pick up the “Joystick-It Mobile” Smartphone Arcade Stick at ThinkGeek for around $18, and if you are serious about gaming on your smartphone or iProducts, pick this up today! There is also a version made specifically for iPad’s, which is for $16. Some games requires two finger positions, and if you have two of these joysticks, you can actually dual wield for a very complete and fulfilling gaming experience.

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Check out the gallery below for more pics of the “Joystick-It” Smartphone Arcade Stick from ThinkGeek!

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