Leaked Set Photos From “Star Trek Picard” Show New Outfits

Trek fans have been more than curious about the upcoming “Star Trek Picard” show, which we know now will in fact be named “Star Trek: Picard“. Today, a leaked set photo reveals some visual details of the show that we peeked at only yesterday when the first image of the show was unveiled during the CBS Upfront.

The image shows us Patrick Stewart surrounded by members of Starfleet, with badges akin to what was worn in the series finale, “All Good Things”.

Some are speculating the uniforms are cadet uniforms, due to the turned up collars.

Some people are suggesting the location seen here is Starfleet Academy, so perhaps Picard, clearly dressed as a civilian without a uniform, is visiting for some reason.

There is still a lot we don’t know about the show, but with it currently filming, let’s hope we get plenty of news over the next few weeks! Engage!

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