Rosewill Neon M62 Ultimate Gaming Mouse Review

Take your gaming to the next level with this colorful and sleek mouse... made for right and left-handed users!

If you are looking for a holiday gift for the gamer in your life, why not consider a gaming mouse? The mouse is the primary tool for the computer gamer, whether they be amateurs or pro, and having the right mouse in their hands can make or break that user in a critical moment. There are plenty of selections on the market, but how about taking a look at the Neon M62 Ultimate Gaming Mouse from Rosewill?

The Neon M62 is a sleek mouse with an ergonomic design made for a variety of users on both PC and Mac (we will come back to the Mac portion in a bit). Many other gaming mouses have more angular parts to them, whereas this one is meant purely for a hand to comfortably rest on with nothing in its way. I have smaller hands, and most mice are typically not tailored for folks with bigger hands,but I will say this one feels suited for people with small to average hand-sizes. That would make this an ideal mouse for a teenager who is hoping to take their gaming skills from amateur to pro!n
This device connects with a nearly six-foot long USB cable, and has an acceleration range from 20G to 100 IPS, with a polling rate of 1000 Hz. The DPI can be customized up to 10000, and features nine programmable easy access buttons, including two on each side of the mouse that can be set for whatever you want (on my computer, they default to drag your screen up and down if you are using an internet browser).

One of the most exciting aspects about this mouse is that it is tailored for ambidextrous use. I am right-handed, but know many lefties, and I hear about their struggles all the time. The M62 takes their plight into consideration, and provides a uniformed mousing experience, with zero difference between how it feels no matter which hand uses it. With the customization of the mouse, left-handed users are free to alter its functions to make it work best for them.

What’s very important to note is that the driver for this mouse is for PC only. However, I am a Mac user, and was able to plug this into my USB and have it immediately work. While I do not have any access to the control panel, I can still change the settings manually for most of the functions. The Backlight Mode button allows me to change the light display in the mouse, and the DPI button remains able to speed up or slow down the sensitivity of my mouse. Without the driver, though, the user has to eyeball the DPI function, and an errant click will cause some mild confusion as you try to figure out how many clicks it will take to get you back to your preferred setting. That can be frustrating, but having immediate control of the DPI also means adjusting it on the fly depending on your situation in-game, which could actually be very useful in the appropriate game. You might want to slow down to better perform a certain action, where as others may be more fast and furious, so it’s a useful function once you get used to it.

The dynamic RGB backlight feature is a lot of fun, as the mouse will cycle through red, green, yellow, blue, purple. The colors can be set to blink rapidly, pulsate slowly like a heartbeat, move across the mouse like a cyborg booting up, and even do a rainbow effect. If you find it too distracting, the light can also be shut off and you can have a nice vanilla mouse that doesn’t look like a Christmas tree ornament. It likely has some other abilities, but without the app my ability to test any additional features is sadly unresolved. I like what I can see though, and really enjoy having the extra color while I am on my computer.

Prices will vary depending on where you shop, but the price point makes this a great gateway mouse for someone who may not have used a pro-tier mouse before, or for a shopper who doesn’t want to spend big bucks on a gaming peripheral. Rosewill makes some very affordable products with a high degree of usability, and are certainly not a company to overlook when it comes to this department.

Overall, the Neon M62 Ultimate Gaming Mouse has earned the right to use “Ultimate” in their title. There are other mice in the market with more bells and whistles, but the M62 gets the job done with enough features and cosmetics to please most gamers. I would definitely recommend it for gamers, streamers, and even video editors. As a Mac user, it’s tough to recommend since your options feel a bit more limited without the ability to use their app, but for PC gamers this is a perfect fit. If they are decide to make a driver for Mac, then I would absolutely give it the thumbs up for both sides (besides, most users will be unaffected by this since the majority of competitive gamers tend to be on PC anyway). It’s a solid mouse for everyday use, just as much as it is for sniping enemies on the virtual battlefield, and a great entry point for the player who is ready to start upping their game.

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