Mark Hamill Becomes Voice Of Chucky In “Child’s Play” Reboot

The “Child’s Play” remake is moving along and nearing completion in time for a summer release. Not too long ago, we saw the first trailer for the film, but it neglected to reveal who the voice of the killer doll was. Now, we know who that is – and it’s legendary VO actor Mark Hamill.

Hamill made the announcement in a tweet addressing attendees of Wondercon, where he explained his excitement for the role and his hopes to “have some fun”:

Check out the tweet below:

I am always elated to see Mark Hamill working, especially in VO, but this is a role I am not too interested in seeing his take on. Hamill’s voice is so iconic, and also so familiar due to his decades of work in animation.

I was hoping “Child’s Play’ would take a note from the “It” remake and cast someone lesser known, to really make the role a surprise in many way. We know what Mark Hamill is capable of, and that voice is hard to mask. It’ll be hard not to visualize The Joker or another character he gave life to in the past, but I hope I’ll be wrong about that and Hamill delivers something new and different.

“Child’s Play” comes out this summer on June 21, 2019.

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