Marshmallow Fun Company Blowgun Reviews


Back at NY Toyfair 2013, we fell in love with the Marshmallow Fun Company and their massive arsenal of mallow-based projectile weapons. Let’s ignore any talks of political correctness and talk about the joy of firing off tiny marshmallows onto inanimate objects, which is absolutely immense! Today, we are taking a look at some of their blowgun style offerings, specifically the “Marshmallow Straight Shooter” and the “Marshmallow Blower”. These narrow toys use mini-marshmallows as the ammo, and are quite the cost-effective way to have some edible firearms fun.

The packaging on both of these guns is very simple and easy for a child to open, being simply on a card with no twisty-ties or inner casing around it. Although there is no target on the back of the cardboard, you can easily glue or tape your own targets to the sturdy backing and utilize it to keep your house a bit safer with all of the mini-marshmallows flying around (although it is suggested that you use these outdoors instead of inside).

The “Marshmallow Straight Shooter” is like a blowdart gun, measuring 11 3/4 inches long. You load a single mini-marshmallow into the chamber, which is located near where you would blow into it. If you have a hearty lung capacity, the projectile should fire up to 30 feet. For best results, I recommend only putting one marshmallow into the gun at a time, and also to do your best to clean the inside, otherwise your gun will get clogged with sticky mallow remains and may cause jams.

The “Marshmallow Blower” is similar to the Straight Shooter in design and measurement, except it has a pistol grip and handle on the barrel to make your accuracy better. The way you fire this gun is not blowing into the chamber, but rather you blow through a flexible pipe that connects to the chamber, which works surprisingly just as well as the other blow gun. Due to the chamber being connected separately, the distance is not quite as great with this weapon, but 20 feet is still enough to clear most rooms (or cubicles if you want to annoy your co-workers). Both of these guns come in a variety of colors, but the ones I reviewed were the classic red and blue style and camouflage colors.

The company does not recommend eating the marshmallows after you have shot them, mainly since its an easy way to share germs, but I leave that decision up to you. The best part about these two blowguns is that you can buy them together as a pair, in either of their color schemes (see below for links to them). For $10, you can have a lot of fun with your friends of any age, as they are recommended for ages six and up (and being much older than six, I can say I had a lot of fun trying these out). The marshmallows do not come with the guns, but you can easily pick them up at any supermarket. These are a lot of fun, and for parents who like the idea but do not like the idea of traditional guns, these two weapons do not have triggers and are vastly different in appearance and functionality than a toy gun. Plus, mini-marshmallows. Need I say more?

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