“Marshmallow Stryker” Mini-Marshmallow Gun Review


You have not had fun until you have shot a marshmallow gun! I was in love with these at NY Toy Fair 2013, and now that I have a few of my own to play with, I thought I would share the joy with you and let you know if these were as great as I remembered. Last time, we reviewed the two mini-marshmallow blow guns on the market from Marshmallow Fun Company, and today we look at the “Marshmallow Stryker” guns, which are one of the big sellers for the company.

The Stryker’s are more gun-like than the blowguns, measuring in at around 10 and a half inches long with two pistol grips (one on the chamber and the other on the handle). There is no trigger with these weapons, you simply use the pump to create air pressure to fire a mini-marshmallow out of the chamber. Loading the mini-marshmallows (which are sold separately and can be easily found in any supermarket) is simple too, just open the loading area and slide in up to 11 mallow payloads into it. I do suggest you clean this in between uses, or else it will get sticky and become very difficult to use.

Loading the gun is simple, firing it is equally easy. The mini-marshmallows will fly up to 20 feet, but on a good day outside with the right amount of wind, you can send it soaring pretty far. Like most of the Marshmallow Fun Company guns, they come in two colors – red and blue, and camouflage. This is a very fun outdoor activity, even if you are not a fan of toys that are weapons. Although it has weapon-like qualities, there is no trigger and the design greatly differentiates it from resembling an actual gun of any kind. It’s basically a system of cylinders with a pump-handle to create air pressure to force mini-marshmallows out, so if you can find a firearm like that, let me know.

The product I was reviewing in this post was actually a twin-pack with a pair of guns, but I could not find it at the time of this review from Amazon. However, I did find the guns sold as singles for only $8 a pop, and a twin-pack would run for roughly the same cost anyway. A typical Nerf dart-gun costs around $16-20 for one about the same size as these Stryker’s, so this is a good deal already compared to the cost of those. Plus, using edible ammo makes it more expendable, as opposed to loosing darts or balls with the Nerf guns. For that price, these are fun little marshmallow guns that are great for outdoor fun year-round!

You can also browse for other marshmallow guns on their official website.

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