“Marvel’s Jessica Jones” Season 1, Episode 2 Review “AKA Crush Syndrome”

Welcome back to NerdNewsToday’s review series for “Jessica Jones” season 1 on Netflix! Last time, we met Jones and got a taste of what the Purple Man can do. Jessica has made some incredibly tough decisions already in the first episode, and I am curious to see what is going to happen after the craziness of the pilot (and hopefully this time I can give some more insight on the characters and start doing what I do best – over-analyzing).

We kick off episode two with Jones being questioned by a cop after the shooting that concluded the first episode. The police has decided that Jones might be responsible for this incident and try to prove her guilt, including breaking into her office and taking some of those scandalous photos she took of Maybe Luke Cage from the last episode. Like a true badass, Jones storms out of the office and tells them they have nothing on her.

She heads over to Maybe Luke Cage’s bar, entering just as the cops have left and already done their business with him, and pretty much ruins any chances she had of making amends with him, especially after she reveals that she was following him for a case by the husband of the woman who he made love to in the first episode. Jessica resigns herself to being alone, especially now that Kilgrave is back out there – an interesting correlation for her to make and a hint at her PTSD state of mind. She can’t allow herself to have a normal relationship because of the hold that the Purple Man still has over her, so these two ideas are very closely tied together.

Back at the precinct, Jones visits Hope who is still possibly under the spell of Kilgrave or beginning to suffer from her own PTSD, and very reluctant to say anything negative about him. Hope tells her that Jessica was his favorite and he wants her back, especially after all of the “suffering” she put him through. “You should probably kill yourself,” Hope tells her after saying there is nothing she can do stop him and the terrible things he will make her to do to herself. Without missing a beat, Jones replies, “Probably, but I’m the only person who knows you are innocent.”

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Jessica returns to Hogarth’s office, ignoring her secretary/lover Pam who tells Jeri her wife is on the line (where is this sub-plot going?), and tries to convince them to take her case. Hogarth refuses, saying there is no precedent for it and there is no way that Jessica can prove that a mind-controller is out there. Jones gets Hogarth to accept the case on the grounds that she will owe her a favor, and that she can convince her. As Jones walks out, Pam returns to inform Jeri that her wife knows about their affair. Guess we know where this is headed.

Important line worth noting in this scene, Jeri tells Jessica to get a massage, and she responds, “Massages make me tense.” Physical contact can often be very difficult for someone with PTSD related to sexual abuse, so perhaps this is a nugget of info related to more about what Kilgrave did to her.

On her way back, Jessica runs into Trish who wants to know what’s going on. “I don’t have feelings,” Jessica tells her (another important line for a person suffering from PTSD), but Trish does not accept that as an answer and follows her back to her office that is still in disrepair since the first episode. There, Jessica reveals that she wants to stop Kilgrave, and will “die” before he lets her control him again, which is what Trish is afraid of. Trish invites her to move into her safer home, but Jones angrily rebukes it, saying that she can not trust anyone because of what Kilgrave can do, especially not someone who “was her best friend”, which insults Trish but not enough for her to quit on Jones. Not until Jessica tells her that she can not risk losing her, and successfully pushes her friend out of her life. Before leaving, Jones tells Trish that her door used to say “Alias Investigations” on it before it broke, which Trish admits to liking as she shuts the door.

Using the Purple Man in conjunction her PTSD is a perfect analogy of this form of PTSD stemming from an antagonist that makes a person do things they do not want to do by exerting extreme control over them. The Purple Man’s powers are that of an abusive relationship, and Jones is certainly not emotionally or ready to handle this yet, still angry at herself and not entirely believing that what occurred was truly not her fault.

Back at the bar, Maybe Luke Cage confronts his married lover and tells her that he knows what is going on and kicks the woman out of his bar. Perhaps all hope is not yet lost for these star-crossed lovers?

Inside her office, Jessica goes through old newspaper clippings related to Kilgrave, interrupted once again by her upstairs neighbors who I neglected to mention from the first episode. This time, Jones heads up there to quiet them down, and that is the end of that for now (what significance they will hold, time will tell). I also forgot to mention Malcolm, a recovering drug addict that lives in her building that seems to only be there for occasional comic relief, which means he will probably do something uber-important eventually.

Back in the newspaper clippings, Jessica reveals a flashback of an accident that happened while under the Purple Man’s control, resulting in him being hit by a bus. Was Jessica trying to commit suicide to escape his control and ended up having him accidentally get hurt instead?

Jessica goes to investigate more about what happened that night, and heads to the hospital where they took Kilgrave the night of the incident. Impersonating a nurse, she discovers that Kilgrave was not listed in the emergency room records, but discovers another person who survived. Returning to her office, she accidentally injures a person that Trish sent to fix her apartment door and finally manages to insult Trish enough that she hangs up on her.

Continuing her search for info, Jessica hops on a subway, triggering another flashback of the Purple Man intruding on her life that freaks her out enough to smash a window on the train. Arriving at her destination, she searches for Jack Denton and finds him – disabled and on dialysis. Unable to speak, he scribbles the letters “KIL” into paper, jumping to the conclusion that he is trying to say “Kilgrave”, but in reality, he writes “KILL ME.”

Jones attempts to track down the anonymous donor that bought Jack the dialysis machine, and runs into the upstairs hipsters again on her way in, the female not too happy with her while the male is slightly enamored. Back in her office, the lady that Jones caught with Luke (whom she names Luke, so now we officially can stop calling him Maybe Luke Cage) confronts Jessica and informs her that her husband and his rugby team are headed for Luke’s bar to rough him up. I think I know where this is going, he says with a smile on his face!

Jones runs over to the bar, just in time to see Luke single-handedly take down the entire team, although Jessica helps too. The pair reveal their powers to each other, with Jessica using her super-strength to beat down the attackers and Luke surviving stabbing attempts with his nigh-invulnerable skin. Even after helping, Luke kicks her out of the bar, but I get the feeling this is not the last time we will see them together, especially after Jessica learned that bit of info.

The next morning, Jones obtains the info on the dialysis machine, and heads to the office of the doctor who gave it to Jack, Doctor Karada. She tracks him down to a medical school where he runs away upon first sight of her. Afraid of Kilgrave, the doctor reveals that he was forced to do the operation on Jack to give his kidneys to the Purple Man due to him suffering from “crush syndrome”. She also learns his weakness – the potential to put him out from anesthesia, specifically sufentanil propofol. Jones calls Hogarth and gets him to confess everything to her, and Hogarth takes the case to try and get Hope out of jail.

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Back in the office, Jessica is feeling pretty good about herself, and discovers that Trish sent her a new window for her door, complete with her logo on it. Jones calls Trish to thank her and rekindles her friendship, unbeknownst to Jessica that Trish is training self-defense secretly to protect herself, and possibly to protect Jessica.

Meanwhile, a shadowy figure talks his way into apartment 12B, the home of one of Trish’s personal assistants, and announces that he is moving in with them. He convinces the children to lock themselves in their closet, and takes control of the house. The Purple Man is closer than ever to Jessica now, and she doesn’t even know it. This is symbolized in the next shot as Jessica brushes her teeth and a roach that she saw in her home earlier crawls back out from her sink.

Luke shows up in her apartment to tell Jessica what he saw, which she denies seeing. To prove his point, Luke takes a circular saw to his tight abs, which do nothing to him. “You can’t fix me,” he tells her as Jessica looks on in shock, “I’m unbreakable.”


Well, hot damn, the secret is out and Jessica has found someone that she might feel comfortable trusting! Her sex scene with Luke in episode one was steamy, but emotionless since Jones was still locking herself up on the inside. Now, with new info on Kilgrave and a new ally as well, things are looking up for Jessica Jones. That means, of course, that there is only one place for them to go from here – down.

See you next time for the third episode, “AKA It’s Called Whiskey”, when we see what awaits the private eye as her crusade against Kilgrave continues.

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