“Marvel’s Jessica Jones” Season 1, Episode 6 Review – “AKA You’re A Winner!”

Just when things couldn’t get any worse for Jessica, they explode into a million tiny pieces with another missile headed for her at breakneck speed. Welcome to episode six of “Marvel’s Jessica Jones,” titled “AKA You’re A Winner!”

Last time on “Marvel’s Jessica Jones”, Jessica successfully took out Kilgrave with the help of Trish and Officer Simpson (once those two took a break from banging), but The Purple Man had the upper hand on them and his team of hired thugs rescued him. Jessica confronted Malcolm about Kilgrave’s control over him, and was able to help him start to kick his drug habit, but at the cost of giving in to Kilgrave’s demands that instead of having photos shot of her, she would directly send him one image a day.

At the start of this episode, we watch Kilgrave be victorious in a high stakes poker match against some unsavory characters. While he had no problem controlling the waitresses and most of the players to make them do things, he seemed to have some trepidation when it came to money and numbers. Either way, The Purple Man walked out of the match 1.26 million dollars and richer, and has given us a question that we will get an answer to by the end of this hour.

Back in the office of Alias Investigations, Jessica is hanging out with a recovering Malcolm, who seems to be coming along well since we last saw him. No longer in withdrawal and ready to help, Malcolm wants to meet with the Kilgrave Interaction Survivor Society (or KISS as I like to call them) to set up a profile of Kilgrave and his abilities, while Jessica just wants to kill him. A knock on the door interrupts their meeting, as Luke Cage walks back into Jessica’s life and wants to hire her to help him find a missing person in some illegal financial debt as a favor for a friend of his who has info on the murder of Luke’s wife. This causes great stress for Jessica, since it turns out that she had a hand in killing her while under the influence of Kilgrave.

Meanwhile, we learn what happened to Hope at the end of the last episode when she was beaten by her fellow inmates. With Jeri’s help, Jessica does some investigating of her own to see if Kilgrave is coming after her. After beating up Sissy Garcia, the ringleader of the gang, Jessica learns that Hope was actually the person that hired Sissy to rough her up. Her goal? To cause a miscarriage for the baby that she is carrying, fathered by the rapist named Kilgrave. Yikes.

Jessica offers to help her and tries once again to remind her that it’s not her fault, but Hope is not in a place of great faith at the moment. Through the assistance of Jeri and her huge wallet, Jessica is able to get Hope a drug to cause a miscarriage, and leaves her in the hands of Jeri to watch over her while it does its work. Speaking of, Jeri proposes to her secretary Pam, who is flattered but insists that first she gets her divorce finalized. The hold-up is still Jeri’s ex-wife refusing to sign the papers, and she is still waiting for Jessica to dig up any dirt on her to make it happen faster. More on Jeri later…

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Jessica begins her investigation with Luke, starting at the home of the missing Antoine. She finds his phone number and using her sleuthing skills AKA dumpster diving, finds that Antoine enters many contests. She impersonates one of those contests and tells Antoine over the phone that he won an XBOX One (sounds like he lost if you ask me). Luke confirms her suspicions that this is not Antoine since he has the wrong voice, and the two head out to the address to catch their man. Before they can do that, they are confronted by a loan shark (Jessica believes they are Kilgrave’s men at first but is quickly corrected by them), the one whom Antoine owes money to. Luke volunteers his and Jessica’s services to team up and find the buy, much to her disapproval, but her attitude changes once she rides off with Luke on his motorcycle, her hands wrapped around his waist (and ‘dem abs).

After Luke drops Jessica off at her apartment, Malcolm walks onto the scene and warns Luke not to hurt her. Luke picks up on this and asks if it has anything to do with Kilgrave, and Malcolm spills the beans about him with her. Minutes later, Luke goes back up to Jessica’s apartment and confronts her about what happened, and she breaks down to insult herself. Luke comforts her and tells her “You’re not a piece of shit,” and the two embrace and resign to another session of super-powered bed breaking.

Before things can get too personal, Jessica remembers that she has to take a photo for Kilgrave to protect Malcolm. Being a few minutes late, Kilgrave reminds her of that and warns her not to miss that deadline again.

Jessica and Luke track down “Antoine”, or at least the person pretending to be him, and follow him to a warehouse. Side by side, they tackle the drug-den, filled with weed. “Sweet Christmas”, Luke exclaims as he sees the stash, using that phrase for the second time in this series (forgot to count it the first time because I wasn’t sure if it would happen again). The pair find the real Antoine, who says he was going to come home once he became an “entrepreneur” from selling his weed and pay back the loan sharks, but this happy reunion is interrupted when the loan shark bursts in and wants to get what he is owed with interest. Going up against two people with super-strength is not a bright idea, and the duo clean house the best they can. Luke gets overwhelmed by the numbers, and Jessica abandons Luke with the kidnapped Antoine in tow.

Back at the clients house, Jessica dumps Antoine and gets the info that Luke wanted moments before he arrives. Afraid that Luke will discover that Jessica was responsible, she tries to talk him out of reading it, but to no avail. Surprisingly, the info that this client had for Luke was related to the bus driver who hit Reva, who was revealed to have been drunk at the time of the accident. The MTA covered this tidbit up because the driver knew someone with enough authority to hide that, and he is still operating the same bus to this day. Luke goes after him, intending to kill him, with Jessica not far behind ready to stop him.

Luke finds the driver and wastes no time tossing him out of the bus… through the glass window in the front of it. Jessica shows up just in time to stop him, but Luke refuses to listen and is ready to murder him for what he did to his wife. In an act of desperation, a tearful Jessica admits that she was the one that killed Reva. Not sure what to do, Luke smashes the bus and looks Jessica dead in the eyes to say, “I was wrong. You are a piece of shit.”

Heartbroken once more, Jessica breaks down in her apartment and tries to gain her composure, chanting the mantra that she has said since the first episode. “Birch Street, Higgins Drive…,” her coping mechanism to handle her anxiety attacks.

At the KISS meeting, Malcolm is eloquently explaining his situation and how Kilgrave got him hooked on drugs and whether or not he would have turned to them without his help. In a matter of days, Malcolm has taken control back of himself and is already doing some serious self-introspection. Back in the detention center, Hope is still in the process of having her miscarriage. While she is busy with that, Jeri informs the nurse in charge (with a hefty bribe) that she is purchasing that dead fetus for reasons yet to be explained. Back in Trish’s apartment, she is still unhappy about her performance during the attack on Kilgrave, and begins to load her gifted revolver.

Over in New Jersey, the Purple Man has purchased a house from a tenant, but seems to not be using his powers quite as much, especially when it comes to money. Perhaps a weakness is being shown here? The most important question is what does Kilgrave need with an old house in Jersey? The answer is uncovered as he strips away the wallpaper in one of the rooms, revealing height marks for a growing child by the name of “Jessica”. The location of the house – Birch Street and Higgins Drive.

Episode six has left Jessica more broken than ever, and while we have more answers about her past, they have opened up more holes in her heart. How she will reconcile with Luke is anybody’s guess at this point. What is Purple Man planning to do now that he has Jessica’s childhood home? Your guess is good as mine. What is going on with Jeri’s marriage and the dead fetus, and how does any of this relate to Jessica Jones? What will happen to Ruben and his banana bread that he brought to her in this episode? I doubt we will get too many resolutions to this in the next episode as Jessica continues to try and not spiral into complete depression, but the only way to find out is to come back next time when we look at episode seven, “AKA Top Shelf Perverts.”

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