Meet Overwatch’s Next Hero – Baptiste

Overwatch is getting a new hero joining their roster, a combat medic bad guy who turned babyface to join the good guys – Baptiste!

Check out the origin story video below:

Mobilize alongside the combat medic who made the shrewd decision to make the world a better place, one bandage… or bullet at a time: Baptiste.

Baptiste, who originates from Haiti, was orphaned during the Omnic Wars, and was recruited by Talon to become a soldier. He soon realized the error of his way and joined up with Overwatch to bring peace and safety to mankind.

While we don’t have any concrete info info to go on about Baptiste, he appears to have a grenade launcher, kind of like the Demolition Man in TF2 or Pharah in Overwatch. This may mean he can launch a grenade that can splash heal or splash damage (or perhaps both simulaneously).

He also has a visor over one eye that, aside from being part of a great Vegeta cosplay, could double in helping him find people that need healing – or perhaps function similar to Soldier 76’s visor as a special move.

The new medic character was first teased by Blizzard earlier this week, when they released a letter written by Talon squad leader D. Cuerva.

“I know better than to underestimate Baptiste,” reads part of the letter tweeted by the publisher. “I helped train him myself, and he was one of our best. I’ve never known a medic to be such a good shot, and his adaptability to new situations is a rare talent. All of us have seen our fair share of conflict, but Baptiste was built to survive. I swear he has the Devil’s own luck.”

No release date has been revealed for this hero, so stay tuned for news about his debut on the PTR.

UPDATE: Baptiste has been added to the PTR, and here is more about him from Kotaku:

He’s officially classified as a support, with a biotic launcher that fires powerful three-round bursts, a grenade alt fire that heals allies, a regenerative healing field, and an immortality field that stops allies from dying altogether. That, powerful as it sounds, is not his ult. Instead, that honor goes to his amplification field, which doubles the damage and healing of allies’ projectiles.

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