MegoMuseum Launches “Megozine”

It may have gone out of business in the 1980s but it’s hard to keep the World’s Greatest Toy Company down. The Mego Museum and Wulf & Tyger are proud to unveil their latest project, Megozine, the official magazine for Mego collectors. Megozine is dedicated to keeping the company’s spirit alive whether it be vintage toys, newer figures (dubbed ReMego by the Museum), Knock offs or colourful custom creations.

Issue one is packed with colorful surprises including:

• Secret Origins of the 1/6th Scale Superheroes- Which details Mego’s 12 inch Superhero figures and includes a never before seen prototype of a never made Mego 12” hero.
• A Mego Museum Super Collector comic adventure “Escape from the Planet of the Knockoffs” with art by Chris Franklin
• Six Monsters, A Girl and a Mailer Box- A look at the Lincoln International Monster figures.
• Aw Yeah Megos- Interview with Eisner award winning Art Baltazar about his passion for custom Mego figures.

Megozine will be ready for order in December 2012 and subsequent issues will follow every six months. For more information please visit was founded in 1996 by Scott C Adams and was the internet’s first website devoted to the toys and action figures produced by Mego Corp. It has since grown into the premiere site for action figures both vintage and modern that utilize Mego’s signature 8” format. The site includes exhaustive galleries, interviews, custom galleries and a collector forum.

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