Microsoft Flight Simulator rises from the ashes, goes free to play


Remember when Microsoft Flight Simulator was making 386’s weep and players without the wherewithal to learn what seemed like thousands of hotkeys were stalling immediately upon takeoff? Those were good times, and now we can relive them again-for free. Microsoft Flight Simulator has taken some time off, regrouped, and is now set for a release sometime in 2012 as a free to play DLC game. Microtransactions will be the order of the day as players will be able to purchase aircraft, the Hawaiian islands and more for minimal fees.

Those afraid of the crushing hardware specs needed to play the previous MFS games need not be, the game is optimized to run over a wide range of PC’s, from your five year old Dell to the rig you just built in your basement over the holidays. The game looks great and I can’t wait to take to the skies…For free of course.

Here’s the latest gameplay trailer that came out today.

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