Mike MIgnola Explains Strange Way David Harbour Was Cast As “Hellboy”

For many, Ron Perlman is the iconic “Hellboy” of the movies. For Neil Marshall’s 2019 version of the comic book icon, David Harbour will don the horns and fist to give his take on the character. Mike Mignola, creator of “Hellboy“, does agree that Perlman was excellent, but he believes Harbour will be just as good.

Mignola spoke to SYFY Wire during a press screening of the new film, and spoke about what happened that led to Harbour becoming the perfect person to play Hellboy.

“My wife and I were watching Stranger Things, and the minute David popped up on screen, she said, ‘That guy should play Hellboy.’ I never thought about it. I never thought about casting at all, but as soon as I looked at him in that way, I went, ‘Of course, you’re right.'”

Of course, that did not happen immediately, and in the end, someone else from casting called Mignola and suggested Harbour for the role. The rest is history!

As for how the movie turned out, Mignola is very optimistic about it and happy with the final results.

“For the fans of the comics, I would say this thing delivers more than any of the others what you loved about the comics. It’s different, but it has so many more specific nods to the comic, the comics fans should be really happy with this.”

“Hellboy” arrives in theaters on April 12.

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