NECA Reveals Packaging For “Golden Girls” Figures

This may be the most anticipated toy-line of 2019… okay, maybe not, but I know a ton of people who don’t collect toys that are totally going to buy these. When NECA first announced and revealed the prototypes for these MEGO-style Golden Girls figures, the internet exploded. Over a year later, the hype remains, and the demand will be enormous.

Today, NECA posted pics on their Facebook page of the packages for the figures.

The figures stand eight inches tall, and come with fabric outfits. There have been some changes made to them since the first protos were debuted, and these are now up to par for fans of the show.

Sophia has the iconic cheesecake, but luckily the back of each box includes a pic of their favorite late-night snack.

Don’t sleep on these figures, as they are going to be extremely hot. I have a feeling these will be just as hard to find as the NECA TMNT figures in Target.

Underestimating something as mainstream as Golden Girls would be a mistake, and I expect scalpers to be hunting these down hard! If you see one of these toys in the wild, rescue it from their clutches – and if you don’t want it for yourself, send it to us!

The Golden Girls figures are due out in stores this May.

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