New Picard Trek Show Will Be More Psychological and “Meditative”

With the untitled Picard Star Trek show currently filming, things are heating up for Trek fans. This is without a doubt the most anticipated Trek show on the known schedule, and one that brings many questions since we still know very limited info about it. Alex Kurtzman dropped some knowledge recently and fed us a few morsels of intel about the new series and what we can expect from it.

In an interview with The L.A. Times, Kurtzman discussed a little about the Picard show, and how it will separate itself from the rest of the Trek universe:

The mandate was to make it a more psychological show, a character study about this man in his emeritus years. There are so few shows that allow a significantly older protagonist to be the driver…It’ll be very different than Discovery. It’ll be slower, more meditative. It speaks to the rainbow of colors we’re playing with in all these different shows.

What happens when circumstances have conspired to not give him the happiest of endings? Hopefully, it’s a reinforcement of [Trek creator Gene] Roddenberry’s vision of optimism. He’s going to have to go through deep valleys to get back to the light.

It makes perfect sense that the show will have much less action than DISCO, especially with a veteran actor like Patrick Stewart whose days of driving ATVs and having shootouts with The Borg are long behind him. A more introspective Picard is the perfect vehicle for Stewart, now we just need to see who comes along for the ride with him.

The article also spoke a little about some of the new impending Trek shows, and added there are still others in development that have not yet been announced.” Start your speculating!

The first two episodes will be directed by Hanelle Culpepper, and the series stars Patrick Stewart, and several others with unknown roles including Alison Pill, Harry Treadaway, Isa Briones, Evan Evagora, Santiago Cabrera and Michelle Hurd.

Jonathan Frakes will also lend his talents to direct at least one episode, but no word on if he will reprise his role as Riker.

The show will take place roughly 20 years after the events of “Star Trek: Nemesis”.

The untitled Picard show is expected to air exclusively on CBS All Access later this year.

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