New poster for “Men in Black 3” is full of MIB

You down with MIB? Yeah, you know me! The fine folks over at Collider have caught a first glimpse of a poster for Sony’s upcoming sci-fi threequel, “Men in Black 3.”

The image is comprised of the text logo for the film, which work to create the face of Tommy Lee Jones. Chances are, other posters will begin to pop up leading into the debut of the other actors, Will Smith and Josh Brolin. If you have motion-sickness, I suggest you don’t stare at that poster for too long.

“MINB 3” stars Will Smith, traveling back in time to save a young Agent K (Josh Brolin) in order to avert a world-ending disaster. In other words, a normal Tuesday for Division 9. The film also stars Alice Eve, Emma Thompson, and Johnny Knoxville, and opens in 3D on May 25th, 2012. A trailer is expected to hit theaters by Christmas time.

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