New Power Rangers figures from Ban Dai at NY Toy Fair 2014 – MMPR, Power Rangers Super Megaforce

We got a special sneak peek inside the Ban Dai booth at NY Toy Fair 2014 of the new “Power Rangers: Super Megaforce” toy line, as well as some other awesome MMPR figures and vehicles!

Kicking things off with the new TV show, “Power Rangers: Super Megaforce” has all sorts of new zords and roleplaying items, as well as a new line that features ALL of the classic Power Rangers from across the universe, along with special keys that you can scan on your smart phone to play a game with, or use on other items in the line for additional effects.

We also have new highly articulated Green Ranger and White Ranger toys in a great scale, a Legendary edition Dragon Dagger that is 24 Karat gold-plated and that you can play like a flute without putting your mouth on it, and at last – the Dragonzord! And yes, he can combine with the Megazord to make the Dragon Megazord… oh, and a little zord named Titanus that also joins with those two to make the Ultra Dragon Megazord. No big deal. Now, excuse me while I get a towel.

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