New York Toy Fair 2013: Activision unveils new “Skylanders: Swap Force” figures

Activision was at NY Toy Fair 2013 with their hottest property, “Skylanders”, a video game and action figure combo that has netted them absurd amounts of money!

Coming out this year, Skylanders is launching their “Swap Force”, which let you take apart the figures to mix and match them, and also gives them new and distinct moves and abilities that are unique to each swap. This includes 16 New Swap Force Skylanders (bottom half chooses how you move, top how you attack) and 16 New Core Skylanders, as well as another 16 re-releases of older Skylander characters in new poses. There will also be eight New Lightcore Skylanders along with eight new Swap Force areas. Additionally, there will be a new portal this year, which will be mandatory to play the game (but I do not believe you need to purchase a new one to play the game, it’s just a new model).

Check out the video below to see more about them:

The Skylanders booth itself was quite amazing, with a huge castle for meetings, a pirate ship by the gaming area, and life-sized versions of some of the Skylander characters debuting at the event.

One complaint about the Skylanders booth – When I arrived, I was greeted by someone, but unfortunately the game had crashed and required a restart. At that point, I was basically abandoned and ignored, and had to sneak over to someone else playing the game with an employee. I was unable to hear much, so I had to look things up online afterwards. When I went to get more info from the front desk people, I was shooed away, and when I asked about samples, I was answered without an answer, and told to just “go on their website” to contact them. I was then given a card with no email address and nothing else useful on it to contact anyone.

Upon doing that research, I discovered that Activision was, in fact, giving out samples – a blue metallic “Chop Chop” exclusive only to Toy Fair. I do not fault the people doing the demoes since they did a fine job, but I am very unhappy with my treatment from the higher-up’s that ran the booth who I felt ignored me, and ultimately, I have proof that they did. Ultimately, this is about as much press as I want to give them right now since they snubbed me for no legit reason, so maybe in the future this will be remedied and we can give some more attention to them.

Check out the gallery below for more photos of the new Skylanders, as well as their epic booth!

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