New York Toy Fair 2013: Board Games at “Tactic”

Action figures were not the only thing we were looking for at NY Toy Fair 2013. Board games are always plentiful at the event, and this year, “Tactic” brought out their best, which happened to be based on the hit iOS game, “Angry Birds”.

The “Angry Birds Action Game” takes all the fun of the app, and put it into a board game that lets you smash those green piggies into oblivion (not to be confused with the video game that preceded Skyrim). Additional add-on’s were unveiled at the show, including more birds and blocks to toss at this, as well as the larger version with plush version. “Angry Birds in Space” also had some new board games, including a variation of the classic “Sorry” game. The age ranges from kids to adults, and it would be easy for any age group to have fun playing with these. Card games for traveling and home were also shown off with the Angry Birds leaving their mark there as well.

“Tactic” also brought some of their other classic games for both children and adults, including “Alias”, “Touche”, “Brainbox”, “Draw Out”, and “Mexican Train” to name just a few of the many items in their booth. Check out the photo gallery below to take a look!

You can check out more of their products on the official Tactic website at this link here.

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