New York Toy Fair 2013: “DC Direct” unveils toys from “Injustice” and new “Superman” movie

“DC Direct” always has one of the best booths at NY Toy Fair, and this year was no exception. The company unveiled many new figures and statues from various DC licenses, from comics to games to movies.

The hot item out of DC Direct this year was their new statues from the upcoming Zac Snyder “Superman” movie, which featured amazingly realistic statues of Superman, Jor-El, Ursa, and General Zod. Photos do not do the likenesses justice, but I hope it gives you enough of an idea to get your expectations high when they are released. Speaking of justice, DC Direct also brought out their new figures from the video game, “Injustice”. The figures will come in two-packs and will be fully articulated 3 3/4 inch figures so players can battle it out off-screen.

Plenty of new six inch figures were shown off, including a new elemental Swamp Thing, and characters based on some of the 52 series, as well as a bevy of variously colored lanterns that are magnetically activated with a ring you can wear to re-enact your favorite Green Lantern moment (or red lantern, or yellow lantern… etc). A few new Batman: Black & White statues were shown off, including my favorite based on the art by Rafael Grampa. The sculptor of this statue was there, so check out the gallery for a pic of him with his creation as well as tons of other photos from the DC Direct booth!

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