New York Toy Fair 2013: “I Heart Guts” makes plushies of internal organs

Created by Wendy Bryan in 2005, “I Heart Guts” has been family owned and operated from day one. Coming in from Washington DC for NY Toy Fair 2013, Bryan brought along her second family, the plushies of internal organs that have made her company so popular.


The company started as a gag, as Bryan (who has a background in illustration) made a card for a sick friend using one of her whimsical takes on an internal organ. The reaction she got from friends was so positive that she began to pursue it into something bigger, and now eight years later, the plushies have grown to a big online business, as well as for brick and mortar stores.

Fans of “I Heart Guts” are not limited merely to the cute plushes of all organs like hearts, stomachs, intestines, hearts, lungs, and even the odder ones like testicles and prostates, but can also get posters, pins, temporary tattoos, shirts and even stationary. This was one of my favorite booths at NY Toy Fair 2013 and is a company we are going to start following more closely (especially because where else can I hold a mammary gland in my hand and not get in trouble for it).

Check out the gallery below for more pics of all of the plushies!

Check out more from “I Heart Guts” on their official website.

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