New York Toy Fair 2013: “Jazwares” debuts new “Adventure Time” and “Regular Show” toys

“Jazwares” brought plenty of new toys with them to NY Toy Fair 2013, but unfortunately not too many of the new items were allowed to be photographed. Lucky for you, I have pics of everything else and can at least tell you about some of the new exciting figures scheduled for this year.

The company had plenty of new tech items being shown off, including new earbuds and spy gear with Star Wars characters, WWE and Power Rangers alarm clocks, and a few other items in the novelty tech line. The big thing for me was the new figures from “Adventure Time” and “Regular Show”. Fans of both shows will be excited to hear that there will be figures of all the major characters from Regular Show in scale with Mordecai and Rigby (yes, Skips will tower over the others), and Fiona and Cake will also be coming out this year along with a few other surprises.

Their popular Mortal Kombat and Sonic the Hedgehog lines will also continue, along with their classic Hanna Barbera and Nicktoons figures, which will be getting a few new figures to join the current line-up. “Plants VS Zombies” will also have a ton of new figures later this year, so check out the gallery below to see what is old and what is new from Jazwares!

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