New York Toy Fair 2013: “Marshmallow Fun Company” Booth

It’s not just action figures and dolls at NY Toy Fair, as this year, the “Marshmallow Fun Company” came from Dallas, Texas to unveil some of their newest candy weapons of mass destruction!

“Marshmallow Fun Company” makes “shooters” that blast full-sized and mini-marshmallows at your targets. The great thing about firing marshmallows at someone is that they feel the impact, but not the force. Since mallows are mostly air, no one gets hurt when you use one of these toys.

The company brought along shooters, blasters, “Mazookas”, crossbows, bows and arrows, and blow guns in a variety of styles and colors, allowing anyone to fire a few rounds at the targets in their booth. Debuting at the show were wrist bands that turned into a slingshot, for the trendy mallow assassin, and an actual slingshot that was surprisingly powerful.


Also debuting at the show was a new app and scope for the blasters. Fitting a variety of weapons, players can attach this scope to a gun and then fit whatever smart phone they have onto the adjustable scope. Then, using an app from the group, you can set up an advanced targetting system that also uses GPS technology so that you can locate other players who have it, making for the ultimate game of “Hide and Seek”.

Check out more photos of their weapons in the photo gallery below!

Check out more of their arsenal at the Marshmallow Fun Company’s official website!

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