New York Toy Fair 2013: New Uglydoll and Boo the Dog from “Gund”

“Gund” brought the cuteness to NY Toy Fair 2013, with a ton of new items from all of their licenses.


The big news for Gund this year was their line for Boo the dog AKA The World’s Cutest Dog. This Pomeranian with a signature haircut will be coming out in a variety of sizes in 2013, as well as a ton of different outfits.

Uglydolls were also in tow, with a bunch of brand new monsters and new outfits for previous releases. New two-packs will include a large uglydoll with a tiny one for the bigger one to cuddle with in his arms. Outside of their variety of Uglydolls, Gund also has more classic animals in their signature style in different sizes, including tiny ones perfect for gift bags for kids and adults.

More seasonal themed stuffed animals will also be released throughout the year, including Halloween, Easter, and Christmas plushies. New artsy animals with patchy coats in complex designs will be made for the more sophisticated collector. For the boys market, Gund is releasing a new line of dragons and ninjas, because what boy does not love dragons and ninjas! One of the surprises this year was the start of their line of zombie plushes and pierced & tattooed stuffed bears, which you can see in Gund’s photo gallery below!

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