New York Toy Fair 2013: “Planet Obo” Booth

Something new and unusual out of NY Toy Fair this year was “Planet Obo”, an environmentally friendly papercraft style toy that is fun to put together, play with, and easy on the wallet.

The story behind this toy line made by a pair of brothers in NYC is that Planet Obo is an unusual cube shaped planet in a distant galaxy, with each side of the planet being different from the others. For example, Desert Side is hot and covered with sand, snow Side is cold and covered with snow, etc. There are also ocean, tropical, forest and mountain side, and each of these six varied sides have their own set of unique body parts that allowed them to adapt to their habitats. With these toys, you can mix and match their parts to create your own new creatures and start your own stories!


While at first glance, they may appear to be blind box figures, but when you buy a case you actually see exactly what you get when you pick one up, since the box is the figure! All you need to do is open the bottom, flip the packaging inside out, put the bottom back on, and voila! All of the parts for the figure are inside the body, which spill out once you open them. The slots are easy to fit with each leg, arm, tentacle, or whatever, and stay firm inside those slots too. Considering how many hands were playing with these at NY Toy Fair this year (and I saw these guys on day four), the joints were very firm, a good sign for this figure.

Each figure costs $5, and this year there are plans for some new planets, as well as re-designs of the pre-existing ones. Made by “Really Brothers”, these figures were produced using kickstarter, with a goal of $6,500 that ended when they gained nearly $24,000 in fan support for their clever and cute concept. Check out the gallery below to see more of Planet Obo!

You can learn more about Planet Obo on their official website.

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