New York Toy Fair 2013: “The Presidential” Board Game makes the Electoral College fun

Whoever said politics is not a game was wrong, as “The Presidential” is a new board game that showed itself off to the public at NY Toy Fair 2013.

Players get to choose their side, being either a republican or a democrat, with the goal of “The Presidential” being to win 270 electoral votes. You can gain or lose popularity through the playing cards in the game, which have plenty of humorous anecdotes that add a wonderful sense of randomness like the real world of politics. You can even write your own cards to spice things up!


The game also has a digital element, that allows you to keep track of votes on a digital scoreboard that you can install on a computer. There is no age limit for the game, and I was told that even elementary school kids enjoy playing it, even if they do not fully understand the political side of it. For middle school kids and up, adults included, this game seems like a fun way to learn about how the US Government works. Stay tuned in the near future when we try this game out and see if it really is any good!

You can learn more about “The Presidential” Board Game on their official website here.

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