New York Toy Fair 2013: “Thumbs Up” Booth

There is the British version of “The Office” and there is the American version of “The Office”. Which one is better? That is all up to the viewer to decide. If you wanted to call “Thumbs Up” the british version of “ThinkGeek”, it would be a pretty accurate summation. However, that does not mean they are not full of equally awesome novelty items that make them stand out in their market, which they brought plenty of to NY Toy Fair 2013!

As opposed to “ThinkGeek” that focuses more on licensed items, “Thumbs Up” is more about original items and especially technology, as well as just plain old fun and laughs. Some of the items on display in their booth in the tech world included a telescope for iPhones, a wireless speaker for playing music on that sounded pretty smooth, an iPhone tripod, and a bunch of other electronics for charging, lens attachments, and outdoors add-on’s to keep it safe and do cool stuff with underwater or in the snow.

There were also plenty of joke and gag items to choose from, and a wide variety of clocks and mugs that would look great in a home or office… or maybe a home office if you live dangerously. Frankly, there were a ton of items in their booth, and I would highly suggest checking out their website to really get an idea of how diverse their products are, from serious to serious fun!

Check out more of their items at the Thumbs Up official website.

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