NY Toy Fair 2017: “Madame Alexander” dolls

Madame Alexander is another one of those booths that I will often walk by during Toy Fair, and might occasionally take a few photos. This year, however, I took a shot of those DC characters that you see above and put it on Instagram, and it exploded to become my all time most popular post (incidentally, are you following my instagram?).

At NY Toy Fair 2017, Madame Alexander had their usual dolls, but with a twist. Joining them are a whole bunch of different series based on DC Comics characters, including the spectacular ones you see above based on The Joker, Harley Quinn, and The Penguin (monocle not pictured, but she has one in her jacket). This was an interesting turning point for the doll company, who seem to be trying to please their traditional audience while also taking some risks and heading into a younger market to get some new fans. I would say the gambit is paying off!

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