NY Toy Fair 2017: Mattel sneak peak of insane “Justice League” Batmobile

New York Toy Fair 2017 is less than a day away, but that hasn’t stopped a few companies from revealing a few key items ahead of the event.

Mattel has set the bar high with this major reveal – a new 1/12 scale Batmobile from the upcoming “Justice League” film. Mashable got the scoop on this one, and wrote:

The charcoal-gray, roughly 2 ft. long by 6-inch tall RC car features spoilers, giant, knobby wheels and was unveiled this week at the New York Toy Fair. According to Mattel, is a replica of the car Ben Affleck’s Batman will drive in the new film based on DC Comic book heroes.

The drivable car is fitted with cannons and Gatling guns that point in whatever direction you’re steering, the car chassis can lift a few inches for “jump mode” (the movie car jumps, this one does not) and there are functioning lights and engine sounds that grow louder and more intense as you increase throttle.

Inside the cockpit is a six-inch tall Batman, his steely eyes focused straight ahead and his hands gripping the steering wheel, which he really steers as you steer the remote control. The cockpit lights also change as you drive. Also inside that cockpit is a tiny POV camera. Using the associated app, you can see what the view would be were you actually riding shotgun in the Batmobile. The app also adds augmented reality, which mean you’ll see rockets and tracer fire coming out of the canon and gun.

The car even emits exhaust. The Justice League Batmobile is equipped with a small oil reservoir that it burns through each time you rev the engine.”

How much will this bad boy set you back? Just a mere $250, the equivalent of a low-end Hot Toys 1/6 scale figure. Is it worth it? My mind says yes, my wallet says no. What’s a little credit card debt when it comes to a masterpiece like this?

Check out the photo gallery below to see more of this brand spanking new Batmobile!

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