NY Toy Fair 2017: Titan Merchandise Vinyls – Cartoon Network, Beatles, MGS, Doctor Who

Our good friend from Titan Entertainment, Andrew Sumner, returned to another NY Toy Fair to bring us a closer than life look at the amazing new blind box figures from this company.

Joining their already sprawling line of licenses, we get the news on figures from the second wave of “Yellow Submarine,” Cartoon Network series 2 (including characters from “The Amazing World of Gumball,” “Steven Universe,” and “Over the Garden Wall” to name a few), Metal Gear Solid, Aliens, Predator, and Doctor Who.

Andrew gives us some big scoops on some of the exclusives coming out this year, as well as some of the bells and whistles from a few of the mini-figures. Titan always impresses us at Toy Fair, and truly makes something for nearly every fandom.

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