Oh no! Arkham City Impostors is delayed!


Just as we were preparing to get our joyous little hands on Gotham City Impostors next week, it gets delayed until God knows when. Actually, lets see here…According to a press release from the developer, we won’t be able to battle our customizable henchmen and Batmen until some undisclosed date in February, which is massively disappointing.

If you haven’t heard, Arkham City Impostors is a first person shooter that throws you into the technicolor jumpsuits of the Joker’s henchmen and the boots of a gang of Batman wannabes. The game features an amazing degree of customization and out of the box shooter mechanics that look to set the standard for DLC games. Will Arkham City Impostors be awesome enough to knock Battlefield 1943 off it’s DLC shooter throne? I guess we will have to wait til February to find out.

To ease the pain (or enhance it?), here’s one of the latest Dev blogs going over the wild customization options for your character in the game.

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